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Process & Training

The Process

What's Required of You

Fill out the online form to be contacted by one of our membership committee. We will then reach out to you to come and join us for an orientation where we will then give you a formal application. Once the application is completed and turned in, your application will be sent to the Chief’s Office and the Board of Fire Commissioners for review.

You’ll undergo a thorough character investigation and background check. This includes a background check by the Nassau County Fire Marshall, as required by New York State.

A mandatory drug test and physical (providing medical clearance) is required prior to membership as well.

Once these steps are completed, you will have the opportunity to choose which company you would like to be in (Engine Company 1, Truck Company 1, or EMS Company 1) and then be sworn into the South Farmingdale Fire Department.


As a probationary member, you will be expected to complete the following training courses:

For Firefighters:

For EMS Personnel:

For Junior Firefighters:

*At the completion of the above, you will be a NYS Certified Firefighter I

Meetings & Activities

Probationary members are expected to participate in all Department and company activities. Through your assigned company, you will also be expected to participate in our annual Fund Drive, annual Fund Raisers, Fire Prevention Details and Parade Details.