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Fond Memories Recalled as Department Honors a 50-Year Member at Annual Inspection Dinner


“John Trobian’s initial engagement with the South Farmingdale Fire Department was in 1971 when his daughter Laura fell and broke her hip,” recalled Ex-Chief Don Mormino. “He was so impressed with how the volunteers who answered the call cared for his daughter, that he signed up as a member that November,” he added.

“Born July 22nd, 1929, in Nyack NY, John was raised in a foster home in Englewood, New Jersey from the ages of 4 to 10 years old. During the depression, he lived with his grandmother and her family in Jamaica, New York, followed by a move to Brooklyn until 1950.

During the Korean War, he joined the US Air Force. In the service he learned a trade in mechanics and helped keep our planes flying. Two of his four years were spent in Mexico and the remaining two years he was stationed in Japan until his honorable discharge in 1954. He fell in love with Japan, and always intended to return until he met his future bride, Eileen.

John and Eileen married in 1957, had their first child in 1958, and moved to Ozone Park. During those 12 years living in Queens, their son John was born.

Using his skills learned in the Air Force, John pursued a career in forklift mechanics. As his career advanced into management, he moved his family to South Farmingdale in 1971. After settling in their home, John started his own forklift repair business. In 2005, his lovely wife of 47 years Eileen, passed.

Following his retirement and the passing of Eileen in 2005, John worked as a starter at the Bethpage Golf Course until the pandemic. At 92, he is now relaxing and enjoying his life and so proud of his family; his 2 children, a new son in law, 2 grandchildren, Joseph and Michelle, and a new great grandchild, Mark. He now lives a comfortable life at the Veterans Home in Stonybrook.

John recalls fond memories at the South Farmingdale Fire Department. He was assigned to truck company and rose through the ranks to Captain. One of his proudest moments was in March of 1974 where he rescued a man from his burning home on Sunset Avenue. He also was in the first paramedic course the fire department offered. He thoroughly enjoyed this experience. In the spirit of continually looking out for others, John was president of the Benevolent Association for two terms, a total of seven years.

John’s unwavering 50-year commitment to community as a member of the South Farmingdale Fire Department is testament to his character …. a man whose personal resolve, determination, and whose adaptability in the wake of changing family dynamics and economic woes of the times resulted in a life of service to others.

The South Farmingdale Fire Department is exceptionally proud to bestow the Fifty-Year Service Award to John Trobian at the Sixty-First Annual Inspection Dinner.
We Congratulate you and we Salute You.”

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