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Fire Extinguisher Scam Warning


Are you a business owner? Do you know someone who is a business owner? If so, you or them may want to know about the latest in SCAMS.

According to the Nassau County Fire Marshal… “There has been an uptick in Fire Extinguisher scams in the area. This is where a vendor comes into a store and tells the merchant that their fire extinguisher is out of date for inspection. He will offer to provide a “new” extinguisher at a discount rate while he is in the area. The problem is that he might be supplying a used extinguisher that he cleaned up from the previous merchant. This is an opportunity for the fire department to be a good neighbor and educate your merchants about these scams. Certainly most Fire Extinguisher Companies are upstanding and reputable but there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. It is important to remember that people who service Fire Extinguishers in Nassau County are required to hold a Certificate of Fitness from the Office of the Fire Marshal. There is a photo ID card that they are supposed to have on them. If you are not sure as to the authenticity of a vendor you can always call the Fire Marshal Office at (516) 573- 9900.”

The Fire extinguisher scam, like other scams, have been around for years. The bad apples just circulate around. Don’t fall for it folks, Call the Marshals office. Don’t be bullied.

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